Wednesday, May 31, 2006

FIIs Shave Indian Bourses of $2.36 billion

The shaving and haircut continues....

With another Rs 212 crore pulled out yesterday, the FII figures have reached an all-time record. In the month of May, they have in so far pulled out $2.36 billion or Rs 10,907.7 crore . In the last 11 days, they have only been selling, sucking out over $2.53 billion or 11,693.6 crore. (1USD=Rs 46.15)

Never before have they pulled out so much in a month. Not October 2005, not May 2004. In history, May 2006 could get recorded as the stealthiest wipe-out of a bull psychosis.

Yesterday the Dow and Nasdaq spread gloom as if to reflect the deluge of rain in Mumbai. Uncharacteristically it arrived early and at 10 p.m. and continued ceaselessly until 2.30 a.m. this morning, about the time that US markets closed.

While the dollar fell against the euro and yen, it continues to make new highs against the rupee. This is not very heartening. While the usual answere being dished out is that importers are adding pressure it is clear that such steep and consistent slide can only come from heavy demand, which is from the FIIs, corroborated with the fact that they are pulling out money from the Indian stock markets.

Oil prices are impacting the US economy, and hence stock prices there, but since ONGC has a heavy weightage Indian investors are fooled in to believeing that gains for ONGC is gains for all companies.

Oil prices have a direct correlation to ONGC but an indirect correlation to everything else. Sooner or later India will be on a path to higher inflation, and to contain this the RBI will be forced to hike interest rate hikes. This is going to spell a lot worse for Indian corporate sector.

Good new is rains have arrived earlier so the farm sector would be bouyant, with tractors and fertilizer companies looking up. If the rains sustain well, then we can see the consumer goods companies leading the charge.

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rajeev said...

u have turned an fii expert ;)




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